Special Interest Group for Quantitative Research - SIGQUAN

About us

We are the Special Interest Group for Quantitative research (SIGQUAN), a voluntary student group, who are interested in quantitative research. We help students by providing consultation in quantitative methods, data analysis and interpretation of results.

Our volunteer groups meet with students who need help and assist them to analyze their data by suggesting appropriate research methods, handling difficult situations such as missing data, and interpreting the results. This is aimed to be a learning experience for both the student and the volunteers. New/junior students sit in and observe the process to gain knowledge in the field. We aim to bring together students from all departments in the college to promote interdepartmental academic interaction and increase peer involvement.

Obviously, being a client of SIGQUAN for a dissertation or other research project cannot take the place of taking classes. And our advice cannot supplant the counsel of dissertation committees, for those studies we discuss that involve dissertations. But hopefully more discussion leads to more thoughtful research, and a more stimulating academic environment for everyone.

This initiative, like the Education Research Exchange (ERE), was an idea formulated solely by students, and implemented by students. However, we thank Dr. Kracht, Associate Dean of the College of Education and Human Development, for helping us make our idea a reality, Dr. Thompson for willing to serve as our advisor, the students for their time and support, and all the department heads, the faculty and staff of the college for their encouragement.

Advisor: We are advised by Dr. Bruce Thompson. For a long time we have wanted to excite Bruce about something. We think we may have found it!

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